Monday, December 22, 2008

Naive Art-Fresh, childlike style of painting, employing bright colours and strong, rhythmic designs.

Naïve art is characterized by a childlike simplicity.It is a gross oversimplification to assume that Naïve art is created by people with little or no formal art training.Naive artists are children at heart and they seek to touch the most basic of human needs – love, companionship, humour and adventure by childlike expression.

Abby's love of nature and the earth shines through her work and touches the hearts of all who see it.Her paintings evoke a nostalgic emotion, and portray an innocent world free of troubles and worries. She likes to paint happy, sunny scenes with children at play. Abby's work also depicts a romantic view of family life, a time where chores and responsibilities are shared with free time to pursue one's hobbies and playtime.

Painting brings me joy not only because I truly love to paint, but also because owners of my artwork all seem to love the blend of colours and the feeling of youthful freedom they get from my style of art. I truly feel blessed to have found a talent with which I can both happily fill my time and delight my customers.


  1. Could naive art also be a form of escapism - from established rules of art - perspective, colour, form?

  2. Nice to have met u at StarHill Art Festival - visit by Arts & Crafts Guild members & friends. Hope u will join our Facebook group soon!